HARRISON — The Harrison Elementary School Ski and Snowboard Program has gotten off to a great start. The program started on Jan. 4, with an unbelievable group of chaperone volunteers, more than 40 Schussboomers participants and wonderful Shawnee Peak instructors. From brand new beginners, never on equipment, through the participants who have been on equipment for many, many years, everyone is enjoying spending their time at Shawnee Peak on Wednesdays.

Awards for the week of Jan. 25 were given to:

Kristina Newcomb and Carina Sclafani, first time on equipment, progressed onto the Bunny Slope already.

Keegan McGough for picking up skiing so quickly in the matter of two weeks. He was ready to move onto the Bunny Slope the following week.

Kirsten Edwards for making perfect “railroad track” turns.

Nate Casali for really working hard and getting snowboard turns down.

Skyy Worcester was mastering the Bunny Slope with her turns and stops and was expected to move onto the Pine Slope soon.

Taylor Haggerty always has a happy smile and was doing a fabulous job with her skiing.

Hayley and Kiara McLeod were learning a lot from their instructor, Amy, and putting all of the small details into place, improving their forms and techniques.

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