I watch with amazement as the same defeated measure about gay marriage rises up again to form a cloak controlling the lives of others. It is a tyranny on which is built the freedom of states to decide whether or not to accept.

Churches have the right to deny gay marriages; however, in my mind, the civil ceremonies and full controls due each married partner make more sense.

What really pushes the measure forward, however, is that the right or left divide up along party lines and if you are for the churches’ rights, you are denounced as being homophobic. If you are for only civil ceremonies, still homophobic. Unless you push 100 percent that churches accept gay marriage, despite their backgrounds and laws, you have no standing.

Then it becomes tyranny by denying the First Amendment and forcing a church to accept that which it cannot.

As someone who supports civil unions, it becomes more and more difficult to see a light at the end of that tunnel.

Having picked up a pamphlet from the ground during the last go-round supporting the National Organization for Marriage and being labeled by a lesbian couple as a homophobic conservative, it becomes that much more difficult, especially since both sides have continuously rotating groups of hypocrites telling us how to live our own lives.

Joseph Ziehm, Lewiston

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