LEWISTON — City officials will begin their work reviewing the Riverfront Island master plan Tuesday.

City Councilors and members of the Lewiston Planning Board are scheduled to meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday in a joint meeting.

“They’ll go quickly over the plan and then talk about the steps we need to do to implement the plan,” City Administrator Ed Barrett said.

Boston-based consulting firm Goody Clancy released their final draft of the plan to the public in April.

The plan shows how the city can use and re-energize Lewiston’s Riverfront Island, the area between the river and Lewiston’s canals, from Island Point to Cedar Street. It includes the Bates Mill complex, as well as Simard-Payne Memorial Park, the Franco-American Heritage Center and Museum L-A.

It calls for a Lewiston Riverwalk mirroring the path in Auburn, from Cedar Street and the Lown Peace Bridge to Island Point, crossing under Main Street and the Veterans Bridge at one point.

The plan also calls for a tree-lined walking path all along the Lewiston’s Canal system, especially the Cross Canal that begins almost at the end of Ash Street and continues down to Simard-Payne Memorial Park.

Consultants recommend bringing new uses to the area, beginning with Museum L-A’s planned move to the Camden Yarn mill south of the Simard-Payne park. It calls for riverfront housing in the Continental Mill, light industrial shops in the Hill Mill, new commercial development on Island Point, and retail and restaurant uses throughout.

It also calls for demolishing the Bates Mill Building No. 5 once and for all.

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