On June 12, the citizens of Franklin County will be asked to vote on a referendum to allow the county to borrow $598,300 to finance the construction of a building, on property now owned by the county, to house a dispatch center.

This very important issue concerns all the citizens of this county.

The present dispatch service is housed at the sheriff’s office. As I have mentioned, many times, dispatchers are practically sitting in each others’ laps. They are very crowded.

There is also expensive electronic equipment that must have proper storage to work properly.

Dispatch is an issue which must have priority. No other issue is more essential to local control than our own Franklin County Dispatch Service. We are being threatened, from time to time, of losing our Public Service Answering Point. This could be devastating to emergency service in this county, not only in the threat to safety of our citizens in emergency situations (dropped calls, etc.) but also in the cost to have another entity provide the service to us.

We would still have to have dispatchers in the county.

As a county commissioner, I have always stressed the importance of deciding if something associated with spending is considered a “want” or a “need.” A secure place for the dispatch service is a need.

I support a “yes” vote on the Franklin County bond issue on June 12.

Fred W. Hardy, New Sharon, Franklin County Commissioner District 2

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