This is my second year of chairing the American Cancer Society Relay For Life, and what a fun, full year it has been. My daughter and I are now 32-year survivors. My cancer was a rare cancer that started in the placenta; it is called Choriocarcinoma. My daughter was left severely handicapped, yet is a very happy person. In 1979 she was the fifth child, known at that time, to live through this cancer. Because of research, and using different chemotherapies, I am alive today!

As this year’s American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life chairperson. I would like to thank all the residents of Androscoggin County for their generosity and support.

This is the 19th year we have held a Relay For Life event in our community. What started as one doctor in Tacoma, Washington making his pledge to fight back against this disease, has evolved into an event that spans more than 5,200 communities in the United States and 19 other countries.

This year, we are excited for the continued growth of our event. We expect 30-plus teams to participate in this 16-hour event and hope to raise more than $100,000 to help the American Cancer Society’s fight for more birthdays, threatened by all types of cancer, here and throughout the world.

Despite the troubled economic times we have undergone these past few years, the residents of Androscoggin County have shown continued support for this mission.

I would like to thank our dedicated committee who has, through hard work, helped bring our event together. The 2012 committee members are: Mark Fortier, Janet Miles, Sue Lussiere, Mary Beth Moyer, Sue Goddard, Tina Pilot, Nancy Moyer, Austin Gervais, Rita Ouellete, Jackie Stowe-Davis, Adriane Kramer, Marissa Lussiere, Bonni e Bickford, and our American Cancer Society staff which includes Mac Watts, Sue Clifford, and Allan Rowe.

In addition, I would like to thank all of the dedicated Team Captains who have been raising money and recruiting new team members over the past few months. Team Captains’ and Team Members’ commitment and drive is the heart of our event in helping others have more birthdays.

Relay is open to all ages; some participants have been relaying since birth. It is not too late to join Relay For Life of Androscoggin County! You may get involved with Relay at any time. Check out or email [email protected] to find out how to register or volunteer for our event.


Belinda Samson

2012 Relay For Life Chairperson

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