Apparently, the Dixfield town officials have no respect or interest in our town’s history. If they did, they wouldn’t support the desecration of the memory of Col. Jonathan Holman, who served in the French and Indian wars and was a colonel in the American Revolution.

After the evacuation of Boston, battles at Long Island and White Plains, Col. Holman was ordered to Bennington, Vt., where his regiment guarded the country against the English.

Col. Holman next joined the army of Gen. Gates near Saratoga. In that battle the troops acquitted themselves bravely and took possession of Fort Edward.

The record of Holman and his “farmer boys” shines bright in history and his sterling character is often mentioned.

In 1789, George Washington was elected as the first president, Congress first met, the Constitution became the law of the land, the U.S Army was established and Dixfield was founded by Col.  Holman. It was called Holmantown until 1803. Mexico was also called Holmantown until 1818.

Col. Holman was also the great-great-grandfather of President William Howard Taft.


Building a wind farm on Col. Holman Mountain is like desecration of a grave — a slap in the face of that great man’s memory and of the town’s history.

The selectmen and other town officials say that what we locals call the “sugarloafs” are what give the town its character. Have they ever even heard the history of the town they profess to represent?

People from away don’t realize what this place means to many of us.

Norman Mitchell, Dixfield

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