Just who are the 47 percent of Americans who conservative Mitt Romney believes are lazy, government-dependent loafers?

The largest groups are thousands of Maine’s retired elderly and retired military, such as my 80-year-old parents, who both worked full time for more than 40 years. They paid taxes, paid every bill, raised a family, paid all of their mortgage, fought in World War II and never once in their lives asked for a government handout. They both earned and are entitled to Social Security and Medicare.

Romney’s comment was totally disrespectful, degrading and insulting to those hardworking, middle-class Americans.

Another group is the working poor — the good people who go to work every day in low-paying jobs. Many times both parents work full time and still make less than $20,000 in Maine. Those people do pay payroll taxes, Social Security (FICA) and Medicare, property taxes, excise taxes, gas taxes, sales taxes and more.

Again, conservative Romney is totally disrespectful and shows a complete lack of understanding and caring.

Romney and the conservative Republican spin doctors cannot whirl fast enough or concoct enough snake oil to make that callous, disrespectful, insulting and careless attitude for the retired elderly, working poor, disabled and those far below the poverty line acceptable.

A strong slate of liberal Democrats who care for, respect and understand all Americans deserves election to continue moving Maine and the country forward.

Crystal Ward, Lewiston

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