My dictionary defines a bigot as a person who won’t listen to anyone whose ideas or beliefs are different from his or her own.

Many churches see marriage as a sacrament. The word has significant meaning to them and the same-sex marriage proposal will use the force of law to silence any individuals who disagree.

Same-sex couples already have the right to get married in other states and call themselves whatever they want. In Maine they can already have ceremonies and register for all rights married couples have. The only benefits they don’t get are federal benefits, which a vote in Maine cannot change.

That is what is great about America. We have the freedom to do what we want and think how we want.

But certain bigots are trying to take away the right of people to think differently.

Certain bigoted people won’t listen to anyone whose ideas or beliefs are different. They refuse to even allow anyone of different morals than them to even speak.

So I ask, what is a bigot? A group that disagrees with an action but allows it to happen, or a group that tries to silence any who disagree?

I want to protect the religious freedom of Maine citizens and stop the thought police who would sue any who dare voice another point of view.

I will vote no on redefining marriage. The issue is about freedom — the freedom to practice an individual’s religious beliefs without being charged with a hate crime.

Les Gibson, Sabattus

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