I am writing in support of Lewiston’s Mayor Bob Macdonald. The current witch hunt is unfair to him and the majority of people who elected him.

Most of us are descended from immigrants and should respect the new folks as they arrive in this country with their traditions. The diversity each group brings to the communities is welcomed. However, when their traditions violate the laws of this country, those laws must be upheld.

I applaud Mayor Macdonald for speaking candidly on this issue. Elected officials should have the backbone to address such matters head-on and resolve them.

When I was the mayor of Portland (1996-1997), I had the honor of speaking at the naturalization ceremony for 41 new American citizens. I will always remember the pride each one displayed that day.

After welcoming those newest citizens, I referred to an issue that had happened two days before in Portland, where there was a serious case of domestic violence. The wife of a new immigrant was badly beaten by her husband for something she had done. He felt he was justified in his actions based on the culture of his former country. I took that opportunity to share my thoughts on the matter.

We do not allow residents of any city in this state to commit domestic abuse or other violent crimes, regardless of cultural traditions. I understand what the mayor was trying to say and it is unfortunate that so many people are attacking him for it.

John McDonough, Scarborough

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