Jeff Timberlake is a very dedicated public servant for District 96. He is a friend to anyone who thinks people who work hard and get paid should be able to keep a larger share of their paycheck.

He believes in trusting taxpayers to spend their paychecks, instead of the government taking an ever-bigger share.

My family has an organic farm in Turner. Timberlake tries hard to help agriculture survive. Do people really want their food from Third World nations?

Animal agriculture is having more trouble surviving this year than I have ever seen. Costs for grain for livestock, fuel, etc., have gone out of sight.

Animal agriculture keeps open space so the public can enjoy snowmobiling, hunting and fishing.

Timberlake will work tirelessly for people to be better off for their labors. Conservatives can bring more jobs to Maine, with people getting paychecks, not welfare.

I support Jeff Timberlake.

Ralph Caldwell, Turner

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