There’s nothing that will upset your normal routine faster than traveling. You’re not sleeping in the same bed, you’re not eating the same food and you’re not doing the same things. If getting regular exercise is already a challenge for you, it’s easy to make excuses and allow yourself to pass on a workout, but it’s actually not that hard to maintain your action-packed life while on the go. Whether you are on vacation with your family or traveling for business, if your workout routine is important to you, you can definitely maintain it.

You’ll need to be prepared if you’re planning to exercise. You can scope out your destination beforehand, looking for yoga studios, gyms or other places to exercise. Be sure that you pack the appropriate shoes and clothing for your workout. You might also want to make allowances for ways to transport those sweaty workout clothes back home in your luggage. If you like working out at a gym, many national chains will allow you to use gyms in a different location without additional charges. There are also many that will allow you to try out the facility a few times before paying a drop-in fee.

Many exercises can be completed in a small space like a hotel room. Push-ups, sit-ups and lunges all require no special exercise equipment. Jumping jacks or running in place can get your heart rate up for the recommended time each day and can be done in any conditions. An exercise band can be easily stowed in your luggage without taking up much space and can be a great tool in the hotel room. Similarly, a vigorous yoga practice can be done in a very little space. If you are traveling with a computer, you can access exercise videos online to help you through a workout.

Look for opportunities to exercise. You don’t have to be at the gym or taking a yoga class to get some decent exercise. Many hotels have answered the call for fitness rooms, and many are available 24 hours per day. There is always the option to swim in the hotel pool. If you have a long layover, many airports have workout rooms to take advantage of. You can also simply explore the airport on foot. On vacation, look for an active excursion, like kayaking, bird watching or rock climbing, which will get you motivated and active.

These are just a few of the ways that you can include exercise as part of the experience and not something you have to do on top of that experience. The basic idea is to be flexible and take your exercise where you can get it. Working out while you are traveling can actually make your experience more enjoyable because it will relieve stress and help you stay motivated while you continue toward your fitness goals. You may be out of your routine, but there’s no reason why you can’t continue with your goals.