This is in response to the Jan. 13 letter from Nancy Willard who responded to my letter of Jan. 8. Her letter attempted to refute my comparison of prohibition on “assault weapons” to the 18th Amendment that prohibited the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages.

In fact, the 18th Amendment failed, as she admitted, so she didn’t “totally disagree” with my letter.

Willard wrote that no one was proposing taking away guns from sportsmen and law-abiding citizens.

Tell that to Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer. He has been introducing legislation to take guns away from law-abiding citizens for years. Tell it to the law-abiding citizens of the United Kingdom. They have been disarmed by their government. Tell it to the older citizens of Germany. A first act of Adolph Hitler was to pass a law against private ownership of firearms. Then he had Gestapo control the population.

Legislation prohibiting the manufacture and sale of “assault weapons” failed during the Clinton and Bush administrations.

Such weapons can always be smuggled across borders, as with illegal drugs.

Check out the definition of “infringed” (in the Second Amendment).

Harvey Lord, South Paris