The fact that Andover wishes to leave SAD 44 is not an “us versus them” effort.

The people of Andover feel that they must keep their school open for the town to be a viable, functioning community. It is upsetting to the citizens to be left up in the air, year-to-year, not knowing if the school will continue.

Therefore the town voted, by an overwhelming majority, to proceed with preparations to leave the district and form its own school unit. (There will be one more vote.)

Many people have gathered and studied information for the past two years to learn what that entails. The withdrawal committee has hired two retired school superintendents as consultants and also has two attorneys (who live here part time) volunteer many hours to help with the work; also with a paid attorney from a firm well-acquainted with school law to review major matters as a “second opinion” source for them and the committee. In addition there are numerous individuals, from all walks of life, who also have worked many hours in the endeavor.

At this time, with much of its homework done, the withdrawal committee feels ready to sit down with the SAD 44 committee to negotiate an agreement.

The sooner that is accomplished, the better for both sides. That way, SAD 44 and Andover officials can turn their attention to educating the children — which is what this is all about.

Leon Akers, Andover

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