Just imagine weary travelers taking the Appalachian Trail from south to north, excited to see pristine Maine, only to discover a 500-foot, fenced-in, drone protected East-West corridor, with its daily 4,000 Canadian tandem trailer trucks, extreme noise, pollution, communication towers, transmission lines, pipelines and clear-cuts — globalization written over the blandscape.

It will not bring tourists; they will flee.

Welcome to Peter Vigue’s vision (CEO, Cianbro Corp.), compliments of the global elite.

Maine’s reputation has been one of the last great escapes from such madness. Globalists want to eliminate that. They would like Mainers to believe, continually stating (such as Cianbro’s PR man Darryl Brown spouts incessantly) that the East West Corridor “will happen.” Like it is a done deal.

It is not.

And what of the opinions and values of Maine’s people, expendable as are they? However, the tide is turning; truth prevailing.

The EWC would forever split Maine in half, annihilating freedoms Americans fought to preserve. A case of corporations trumping democracy.

Make no mistake, the EWC is a disaster in the making, ecologically, financially and liberty-wise. The benefits it offers are to the elite. Mainers be damned. The chosen ones know what is best for you — the spurious mantra of the few, overruling the many.

This proposed corridor will take 10 years to construct. What of fuel prices, financial realities then? As other deleterious corridors are discovering, they must be abandoned, then?

Taxpayers pay, as usual. All for naught but the damage done forever.

Gail Wilmott, Garland

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