I was inspired after reading the article regarding Sen. Angus King’s visit to USM L-A College (April 3).

There has never been a statement made by a government official that resonated so much with me as when I read King’s assertion that “If you provide everybody in America with access, you get more talent … The secret to America is that it is open to people who would never get a chance in another society.”

Being a Canadian immigrant who attended high school in Turner and then college at the University of Iowa, I struggled greatly with the decision to stay in the United States or return home to find work. When it came right down to it, however, I couldn’t picture myself returning anywhere but the great state of Maine.

I have never lived any other place that fostered such an accessible, promising and engaging community for young professionals like myself, and I look forward to contributing my talents here for years to come.

In times of uncertainty, it is moving to hear someone in a position of leadership speak so authentically without a prepared statement or lecture, and from a perspective that is both moral and charming.

One can only hope that others will adopt King’s progressive ideals, and will continue to work toward a prosperous tomorrow that discriminates against no one and engages everyone.

Melissa Logan, Turner

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