It is a bad idea: one campus for K-12 students with new schools.

Every article I have read tells me that if Auburn doesn’t build a new high school it will lose accreditation. Please tell me what being accredited actually does for Auburn students?

Auburn officials have insulted residents’ intelligence, saying how maintenance has suffered at ELHS due to all the funding cuts that have taken place through the years. How does the School Committee figure it is going to maintain a new structure when it couldn’t maintain the old structure?

The tax-paying citizens of Auburn are already heavily taxed and not seeing much in return on that investment.

The schools should be focusing on education. I doubt if an expensive campus, closing schools, cutting teacher positions and ed techs will really elevate the student test scores and/or bring down the dropout rate in any way.

When I think of the taxes paid in Auburn and the condition of areas used, it is difficult to justify a multi-million dollar educational expense when the city cannot keep up with the present infrastructure.

Don’t misunderstand me; education is extremely important, but it is not the only piece of this city that requires attention.

Residents unable to afford higher taxes and who become totally disillusioned will sell and move elsewhere. Many will be looking for a new place to call home.

Sharon Day, Auburn

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