It’s graduation time. That means party time, which means game time. Here are some games that can be played at the graduation parties of graduates of all ages.

The balloon game requires balloons and marbles. One marble should be placed into each balloon before it is inflated. Guests are divided into pairs and given four balloons to keep in the air as long as possible despite the weight inside them. The pair that does so the longest is the winner.

The blind obstacle course game requires an obstacle course and blindfolds. Guests are divided into pairs. One guest in each pair must try to run through the obstacle course blindfolded, listening to the directions of their teammate. The pair that does so the fastest is the winner.

The blind object game requires a box, household objects and blindfolds. Various objects are placed into the box. Guests are then blindfolded and must try to identify the objects in the box by touch. The guest with the most correct guesses is the winner.

The boat game requires a pail of water, straws and small boats that float. Guests take turns trying to blow their boat to their opponent’s side using the straws. Play continues in rounds until only one player remains. That person is the winner.

The chopsticks game requires bowls, chopsticks and 10 pieces of rice or candy per guest. Guests try to put the rice or candy, one piece at a time, into their bowl as fast as possible. The guest that finishes first is the winner.

The fishbowl game requires small goldfish bowls and balls. The bowls are arranged on a table. Guests are then given some balls to try to throw into the bowls from a set distance. The guest that puts the most balls in the bowls is the winner.

The memory game requires household objects, a sheet and pens and paper. The objects are placed on a table and guests are given one minute to memorize where they are. The objects are then covered up and guests must write down where everything was. The guest that remembers the most is the winner.

The octopus game requires no supplies. One guest is selected to play the octopus, while the others are fish. The octopus tries to tag the fish and turn them into an octopus. Play continues until only one fish is left. That person is the winner.

The photo game requires guests to bring old photos of themselves. The photos are placed where everyone can see them and guests must guess who is who. The guest with the most correct guesses is the winner.

The pin the mustache on the teacher game requires a blown up photo of a teacher and mustaches made from black construction paper. The game is played just like pin the tail on the donkey. The guest that gets the closest to pinning the mustache in the right place is the winner.

The scavenger hunt game requires a variety of household items. The items are hidden around the house, either indoors or out. Guests are then given a list of the items to find in a set amount of time. The guest with the most finds is the winner.

The string game requires two rolls of string with a key attached to one end. Guests divide into two teams and each sits in a row. Teams then try to string themselves together, threading the string through their clothing. The first team to do so is the winner. Another take on the game is to have the teams try to get unthreaded.

The teacher game requires notes with the names of teachers. Each guest is given a note and must ask each other yes and no questions about the teacher on their notes. Guests then try to guess who has what teacher on their note. The guest that names the most teachers wins.

Graduation parties should be fun. Playing these games or ones like them will make any party just that. Keep in mind that all games should be age appropriate, and in some cases, adult supervision may be necessary.

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