Growing up in Rumford, I always thought that it must be such a luxury to live in a place with movie theaters and shopping malls. After moving to a big city for college, I came to realize that the real luxury was growing up down the road from an affordable ski mountain.

I am absolutely devastated to hear that Black Mountain might not be able to open next season, and appalled that this is due to the decisions of Rumford voters.

With a day-pass to Sunday River or Sugarloaf costing around $70, it saddens me to think that many in the community and surrounding area will be unable to afford to ski this winter if Black Mountain is closed.

Skiing is an important part of Rumford’s history. Many people might not realize this, but Black Mountain is home to some of the best Nordic ski trails in the U.S. I have met people from all over the country and even in Europe who know where Rumford is because of Black Mountain.

I sincerely hope that the Rumford community will rally its support around Black Mountain, and do whatever it takes to keep the mountain open.

Mollie Kaubrys, Northampton, Mass.

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