LEWISTON — Election season kicks off July 8 in the Twin Cities.

Nominating petitions and papers for people seeking city office in the Nov. 5 election become available Monday. In Auburn, papers are available at the City Clerk’s office in Auburn Hall. In, Lewiston, nominating petitions are available at the City Clerk’s office in City Hall.

All seats for the City Councils and School Committees are open in both cities.

In Lewiston, that includes the mayor, councilors for all seven wards, School Committee members for all seven wards and the at-large School Committee member.

Candidates for Lewiston mayor need to gather between 100 and 200 signatures from registered Lewiston voters.

Candidates for Lewiston City Council or the School Committee must gather at least 50 signatures. For all city councilors or School Committee members from a particular ward, signatures must come from registered voters from their ward. At-large School Committee candidates can gather signatures from any Lewiston registered voters.


Lewiston candidates must file their nominating petitions and signatures by Sept. 6. The terms for the newly elected begin in January 2014.

The rules in Auburn are slightly different. All 15 elected positions are up this November. That includes the five ward councilors, two at-large councilors, the mayor and all School Committee members.

Auburn candidates have until Aug. 22 to collect signatures for their nominating petitions. Candidates for Auburn mayor need to collect at least 100 signatures from registered voters living anywhere in Auburn.

Candidates for City Council or the School Committee need to collect 25 signatures — from anywhere in the city for at-large candidates or from within individual wards for ward candidates.

According to City Charter, terms for Auburn’s elected officials begin 45 days after the election, or Dec. 20, 2013.


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