I whole-heartedly agree with Mary Jane Newell‘s letter (July 23). While many people may find her views ghoulish and abhorrent, I believe she truly hit this one on the head.

Newell also pointed out, correctly, that Martin was “not a child” and that he stood “nearly six feet tall.” Even though the 17-year-old Martin could not vote, serve his country or buy scratch tickets, surely his height should make him an adult for any right-thinking American.

Newell’s keen insight on American race relations is obvious when she points out that the killing couldn’t possibly be about race. George Zimmerman was Latino. Case closed.

Martin’s parents should be ashamed for bringing race into the matter.

Lastly, Newell sets us all straight by courageously paraphrasing “many reports from Fox News,” informing us that Martin was, among other things, ” … a thug with drugs in his system.” By involving that august paragon of journalistic integrity, Fox News, all our doubts should be laid to rest.

Kudos to Newell for another home run.

Daniel Coulombe, Lewiston

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