Every spring, Russia hosts a triumphant parade through the center of Moscow on May Day, celebrating the victory of the Soviet people in the great patriotic war.

The streets are festooned with colorful flags and banners sporting patriotic slogans and images of their dear leaders.

The sons and daughters of Russia align both sides of the streets waving flags and saluting the phalanx of sharply dressed soldiers.

The military strength of the country is majestically displayed as row upon row of armored vehicles, intercontinental ballistic missiles and tanks are paraded before the people.

Lewiston has a lot of catching up to do.

On the recent National Night Out, the Lewiston Police Department introduced the community to their one measly tank — a 1981 M113APC armored personnel carrier.


Children joyfully climbed aboard and, with broad smiles, rode along the parade route — no doubt filled with a sense of pride and patriotism that only comes from riding army surplus heavy metal.

My heart swelled with emotion as I read the seductive prose of reporter Doug McIntire: “Diesel exhaust filled the air as the tracks on the pavement caused bones and teeth to rattle.”

The city of Lewiston has decided to begin to arm itself like a military force. Let’s hope it will continue to add to its arsenal so we can see a truly grand parade next year.

David Sawicki, Auburn

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