It is outrageous that the Auburn School Department will spend $37 million for 11 schools to produce 190 seniors. Simply outrageous.

Auburn has only 23,000 residents. All anyone has to do is drive past Lake Auburn to see a line of “For Sale” signs up the Route 4 corridor.

In school officials’ own words, more than half of all the school children are on food stamps.

Administrators are making at least $100,000 per year, yet they are bent on cutting funds for maintenance of Edward Little High School. I think that is to drive the building into the ground.

The old EL wasn’t maintained, so how in the world would a new high school be maintained?

It is time for a change, alright — salary cuts for all administrators who are on the “new school” bandwagon. That way they will be a little more in touch with all the grandmothers and elderly aunties who receive less than $1,000 per month from Social Security while trying to pay for a roof over their heads and a warm bed to sleep in.

Outrageous to expect $37 million from 23,000 residents.

Cut, cut, cut …

Jeffrey Keenan, Auburn

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