Larry Gilbert and Robert Macdonald will square off in the battle for City Hall. It is no secret that they do not like each other. I know these men personally and pray for them daily. I message Gilbert on Facebook and enjoy a cup of coffee with Macdonald.

Mr. Gilbert and I have attended many meetings together and I view him as one who would like to unite our great city. I also have had a long relationship with Mr. Macdonald and I can tell you he has always been hard-nosed against crime, welfare fraud and a ghetto mentality, and has always done his best to serve our community.

Gilbert would like to build a new gazebo in Kennedy Park and shine bright lights on City Hall.

Macdonald would like to smash down all the condemned buildings, bust drug dealers and buy one-way tickets out of town for degenerates.

Both of these men have expensive ideas, though their intentions are good.

I have an idea that could help both of them and our community raise the funds at no expense to the taxpayers, and I am sure that is an idea everyone could vote for. Imagine: Macdonald and Gilbert duking it out for a charity fundraiser at the Colisee. It would be well worth the ticket price, it would be for good causes, and it would be all in good fun (of course) for all the citizens of this great city.

In the corner to my right …

Douglas Taylor, Lewiston

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