After holding numerous clinics for young golfers over the years, coaching high school athletes seemed like the next logical step for the affable and dedicated Jace Pearson.

The Martindale Country Club golf pro also received a ringing endorsement from his wife, Denise, when he became the new Lewiston High School golf coach.

“She is from Lewiston, so she’s been a local girl, and so she is super excited that I am taking over the team,” Pearson said.

Of course, Pearson had the home-field advantage when he applied for the job at Lewiston. This is his third year as a golf professional in Maine, and he’s been working at Martindale since 2010. The Auburn course is also home to the Blue Devil golf team.

Like many Americans who were affected by the recent recession, Pearson decided it was time to change careers, and the only option for him was to return to the links full time.

“I have been involved in golf since basically high school,” Pearson said. “I worked in the environmental consulting industry for 13 years here in the state, and decided a change was necessary due to the kind of economic structure of things.


“I really wanted to play golf at a high level, and it just didn’t make sense monetarily at the time. And with the economic changes, it started to make more and more sense, and I said if I don’t decide to pursue it, I will never do it — and here we are. It just made sense to take a job in the golf industry.”

Pearson has been an assistant coach in high school wrestling and other sports, but this will be his first head coaching job.

“High school level is a great age because they actually have the muscle development and coordination and motor skills that can be easily trained and influenced,” Pearson said. “Some of the younger kids, their attention spans vary with age, as do high schoolers, but at this age, it is pretty nice to see, and golf is a great sport we can all play for a lifetime.”

Former Lewiston golf coach Bob Blanchette, who is a member at Martindale, spoke to Pearson about the job.

“And this is their (Blue Devils) home course,'” Pearson said. “I happened to be working here. I feel I can lend my advice and help those kids grow into the game. Golf is kind of trial by fire, going out there and figure what is going on.”

To Pearson’s surprise, 20 Lewiston golfers came out for the team. That impressive turnout and the young golfers’ enthusiasm has made it all worthwhile for the new coach.

“A good half of them are freshmen coming up,” Pearson said. “So for me to grow the team and actually groom them, I see this team growing — and if the interest level stays there and enthusiasm level stays there, this team really stands a chance of growing.

“As a coach, it is really tough thing to make a cut. As a golf professional and somebody who loves the game, the kids are the future of the game and the sport I am involved in.”

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