The Farmington Fair was once a good fair for everyone. It has now turned into a food fair. Where were the crafts and things that made going to the fair fun? All I saw was food, food, food.

One day at the fair, someone asked me where to find the animals, pigs and chickens. There were few signs to indicate where they were.

The midway had become the food way. Why were there six french fry vendors? And the car barn had become the “no vendors” barn. At least six to eight spaces empty. Just a few years ago, I remember cars in there from local dealers, and displays from local dealers, and a waiting list to get in the so-called car barn.

What is going on?

I think the only time people will see cars in that barn will be the winter months (storage).

The people who run the fair better take a long look at what is happening. Raising the rent has hurt the fair and, if things keep going the way they are, the fair may no longer happen.

Fair officials need to take steps now to make the fair what it was. Ask the public, they will speak up.

Charles Bennett, Farmington

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