Why was the entire City Hall dome recently equipped with an expensive exterior lighting system, especially at a time when the city is seeking cost-saving operational measures?

Where will the money come from when it is time to replace those expensive exterior lights (which can be accessed only with the use of a hired crane service)?

Who is picking up the additional energy cost for the ongoing operation of that extravagant lighting system?

If my memory serves me correctly, it was only a few years ago when the former mayor, Larry Gilbert Sr., had encouraged the idea of implementing an energy czar position, whose sole purpose was to bring energy savings ideas throughout the city. That created job position resulted in certain street lights in front of many businesses and home to be eliminated. Now, people are supposed to witness the dome project and take it seriously?

Such acts of disconnect with the local taxpayers make me feel that certain city officials are simply laughing at the public. Well, guess what? Some of us taxpayers do remember the past.

James Champagne, Lewiston

Editor’s note: According to city officials, the LED lights installed in the tower have an average life expectancy of 21 years. The annual $1,000 cost of lighting the tower, at current rates, will be paid through the city’s general budget.

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