It may be typical for a son to support his father’s bid for mayor, but my dad isn’t the typical candidate.

Larry Gilbert Sr. has dedicated his life to public service. He served in Vietnam, 33 years in law enforcement and five years as Lewiston’s mayor previously.

He led the Colisee sale, alleviating a $500,000-plus annual tax burden and gaining Lewiston $60,000 in annual revenue.

He raised money to light the City Hall tower and is helping downtown businesses light their buildings.

He was in Augusta during budget deliberations, fighting against $4 million in planned state cuts to Lewiston.

He’s the only candidate who supported The Lofts at Bates Mill, a project that created jobs, homes and tax dollars.

He’s honest, caring, hard-working and has proven he’ll work to keep taxes in check, draw new business and make Lewiston a more vibrant city.

I will vote for my father, Larry Gilbert Sr., for mayor.

Larry Gilbert Jr., Lewiston

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