This is in response to Donna Spaulding’s letter (Oct. 25).

Laws sometimes need to change, and the law regarding on which side of the road people ride bicycles, I believe, is one of them. What cars are supposed to do is irrelevant in this phone and texting world.

Recently, my husband was walking behind my granddaughter as she was riding her bike. Neither of them would be alive today if my husband had been walking with traffic. The driver of a large truck veered toward them — the driver had dropped his phone and was diving for it and almost killed them.

That could easily have been any bike rider.

I never walk or ride my bike with traffic. I’m a law-abiding person but I want to live to get back home.

On the road where I walk and ride my bike, it is an every-day occurrence that a car will cross into the bike lane. I want a fighting chance to make it out alive.

It’s time for a law change. In the meantime, I am breaking that one.

In an ideal world, I believe Spaulding is correct and I do appreciate her research; however, an update in the law is necessary to keep up with the unfortunate changes in driver behavior. It honestly seems today that drivers do everything except drive safely.

Randi Tolman, Lewiston

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