WILTON — The Wilton Fish & Game Assoc. Summer Shooting League received several awards for their summer shooting competitions after the regular monthly meeting at the clubhouse. Several members and their families attended this special awards ceremony.

Greg Roy, youth director, spoke on the many accomplishments the youths have achieved and how the shooters learned many valuable lessons.

In May four shooters from the league participated in an outdoors NRA three-position rifle match in Augusta. Out of 1200 possible points, Jared Roy scored 934 and placed second in the intermediate junior class, Lindzee Ridley scored 916 and placed third in the intermediate junior class, Connor Maurais scored fifth with 902 points and Alex Morrell with shooting just one round scored 329. Jared and Lindzee shot as a team and finished second-place with a score of 1850.

In June the league returned to Augusta for another three-position match with four shooters and shot for a possible 600 points. Lindzee finished second intermediate junior with a score of 535 plus 10 bulls-eyes, Connor finished in fourth intermediate junior with 531 plus three bulls-eyes, Jared Roy finished fifth with a score of 527 plus nine bulls-eyes and Bailey Morrell finished 10th with a score of 486 plus four bulls-eyes.

Two shooters returned to Augusta in the middle of June and participated in this same match again. Jared finished third intermediate junior with a score of 533 + 7, Lindzee finished fourth intermediate junior with a score of 531 + 12.

In August the league traveled to Damariscotta for the 79th Maine State Prone Rifle Championship with five shooters participating. This is a 50- and 100-yard shoot. Out of a possible 1600 points, Jared finished with a score of 1571 + 68 which placed him first in the intermediate junior class. Connor finished sixth with a score of 1558 + 53. Lindzee scored eighth place with 1499 + 37, which gave her first intermediate junior in the female class. Curtis Farmer scored 1336 + 16, which placed him 11th, and Bailey Morrell came in 12th with a score of 1252 +23.

Alex Morrell shot half of the match with a score of 852 + 7. Out of four teams Jared and Connor shot as a team and took first place with a score of 786 + 29 out of 800.

The following week the same five shooters participated in the NRA three-position Rifle Championship in Augusta. Jared placed third with a score of 1079 + 24 out of a possible 1200 points. Lindzee placed fourth with a score of 1078 + 16, Connor placed seventh with 1066 + 19 in the second sub junior class, Bailey placed 10th with 898 + 14. Bailey learned that a flapping target from heavy winds has many challenges. Curtis placed 13th with a score of 840 + 9.

Roy told many stories on different challenges the shooters had and how they overcame many different situations. It was very obvious to those attending the awards of how the youth have improved with these experiences and challenges.

The Youth League served refreshments.

WF&G is moving forward with the funds gained from the Friends of NRA Grant. Charlie Huff donated time and equipment to dig the line from the well to the clubhouse. The next project will be to install the well pump, and water to the kitchen and new bathroom facility.

Plans are being made for the annual ice fishing derby on Wilson Lake on Maine Free Fishing Day, Sunday, Feb. 16. Emily MacCabe from the MDIFW will present the Hooked on Fishing program for the public to learn how to fish through the ice.

A new year is beginning and membership is always open. The club meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Sunday of each month. All are welcome. For more information, call Phil at 897-3027.

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