AUBURN — Close to 800 people took to the route around Lake Auburn to participate in the Lake Auburn Half, 5K and Bike Tour (LAHM) on Sept. 8. One hundred seventy-three of the participants were children taking part in the kids’ run.

It was a challenging and fun way to support the community.

Though a bit soggy from the morning rain, the scene at the start/finish line at Lost Valley Ski Resort and Convention Center was filled with anticipation as the bicyclists, 5K runners, 5K walkers and half marathoners took off and excitement as the athletes returned to cross the finish line. About 170 children under the age 12 ran the 1/2K and 1K.

Local businesses, set up in tents around the site, offered their services, including massage and food services.

Logistics director Dan Campbell and coordinator Bob Brainerd said that there were 430 participants last year, so the increase in volume and excitement of this year’s event showed that their planning efforts had paid off.

The new nonprofit group, Moving Maine Forward, which was launched in March, hit its goal of doubling funds raised through the Lake Auburn event.


“I was born and raised in this community,” said founder Bob Brainerd, who also co-founded the Lake Auburn event. “We have been successful in establishing an event where we could give back and do good.”

Through this venue, relationships have been built with other nonprofits, volunteers and businesses within the community to support the event and participate in the mission of Moving Maine Forward. This nonprofit and the proprietary title sponsor, Central Maine Conditioning Clinic, have offered assistance in the form of monetary donations, food and services to organizations such as the Good Shepherd Food-Bank, St. Mary’s Nutritional Center, Trinity Jubilee Center and local youth athletic teams.

“That’s the stuff that I really think is going to be sustaining and ongoing and will make a difference,” said Brainerd, co-owner of Central Maine Conditioning Clinic. “It’s youth. It’s family. It’s people in our own community.”

On Sept. 11, awards were made to several community service entities. Moving Maine Forward has already awarded more than $10,000 to the Good Shepherd Food-Bank, Trinity Jubilee Center and St. Mary’s Nutritional Center, as well as five youth athletic organizations.

Donations given to the Good Shepherd Food-Bank will support 14 youths with food every weekend for a year. Funds awarded to St. Mary’s Nutritional Center will go toward two fellowships for support youths growing food and learning about giving back to the community.

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