AUBURN — Elliot Stanley Tarlow, 93, of South Paris died peacefully in Auburn on Monday, Nov. 18, shortly after his 93rd birthday.

A graduate of Phillips Academy in 1938 and Harvard College in 1942, he served in World War II as a navigator on B-17 flying fortresses. Following his service, he attended Harvard Business School and joined the family business, the Alden Shoe Company. He married Muriel C. Beltaire in 1947, and they had four children. Following his marriage, he was partnered with Elinor P. Lynch from 1972 until 2008.

In the early 1970s, Elliot left Alden and, with two partners, established Michaelson International, a cattle-exporting company. His new business took him on extensive travels throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In one famous incident, a heifer escaped from a holding area at Seattle International Airport and ran on to the runway, stopping all takeoffs and landings until Elliot lassoed her while perched precariously on the prongs of a forklift. A portrait depicts him in his working cowboy clothes, but he was more often attired in an immaculate suit and tasteful tie.

A serious student of international affairs, his export business brought him into contact with many important people in the world, but he became especially friendly with the Aquino family of the Philippines and a passionate advocate for the restoration of democracy in that country during the Marcos dictatorship. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, he devoted considerable time and energy to this cause as a volunteer lobbyist. On one occasion, he was able to use his contacts to quietly secure the release of several Westerners who had been taken hostage in the south of the country.

Elliot loved sailing and the sea, but his first passion was golf. The highest compliment he could pay was to call someone “one helluva golfer.” Though he scoffed at his two holes-in-one as “just lucky shots,” he was genuinely proud of having shot his own age at 83.

Elliot is survived by his four children, Pamela, Linda, Elliot Jr. “Buz” and Jeffrey; his four grandchildren, Zachary, Tyler, Cody and Darby; his younger sisters, Charlotte and Joan, and their families; as well as his former life partner and friend, Elinor P. Lynch, and her family.

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