Part of the trouble with gift-wrapping is the room and tools needed to wrap all of those holiday treasures. But a gift-wrap station in a corner of the home that is seldom used can make wrapping presents any time of the year easier and more enjoyable.

* Find a place to store gift wrap and the tools needed to wrap gifts. Many people find the back of a closet door works perfectly.

* Install wire hanger racks so the gift wrap tubes can be stored vertically along the surface of the door.

* Install a folding shelf on a hinge, and use that shelf to do your wrapping. Fold the shelf up when it is not needed and secure it with a latch at the top.

* Hang hooks to store tape and scissors. Attach the scissors to the hook with a string so they won’t go missing.

* A basket tucked nearby can house bows and ribbons so that they are easily stored until needed.

Having the wrapping station so accessible also allows you to take inventory of supplies and restock when necessary. 

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