This is in response to the story in the Sun Journal (Dec. 12) about what state Rep. Brian Bolduc wrote in an email concerning truckers.

I am a retired truck driver. I delivered heating oil and bottled gas for about 30 years. If I told Bolduc face to face what I thought about what he put in that email, it wouldn’t be very nice.

Doesn’t he realize that a large part of the economy in this wonderful country of ours depends on trucks and their dependable drivers to transport just about everything that the public uses? Truck drivers have to contend with all kinds of weather and severe traffic conditions, wherever they may be.

In the many years I spent on the road, there were many times that I saw an accident or breakdown beside the road, and it was a truck driver who stopped to see if he could help in any way.

I think they deserve more respect and a thank you instead of criticism.

Vance Bacon, West Paris

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