BRYANT POND —  Author Amity Shlaes was the guest speaker at the Woodstock Republican Committee’s December meeting. She spoke about her two most recent books, “The Forgotten Man” (2007) and “Coolidge” (2013).

Using historic references and personal stories, she filled in the human side of “Silent Cal” by showing his respect for the Constitution and the gravity and responsibilities of the office of President of the United States.

Following her talk, Shlaes spent time answering questions and speaking with the audience. 

Ms. Shlaes was recently elected chairwoman of the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation. She was previously director of the 4% Growth Project at the George W. Bush Institute.

Shlaes is also a contributor to Forbes Magazine, and Bloomberg News, and was previously an editor at the Wall Street Journal and columnist for the Financial Times. She has won awards, including the Hayek Prize for conservative books, the Frederic Bastiat Prize for political economics, the Deadline Club award for opinion writing and the Front Page award for her Bloomberg columns.

The committee is planning similar events in the future.

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