AREA — Recent fifth and sixth grade girls’ games in the Western Maine Youth Basketball League include the following:

Lewiston 59 Rumford 20 (make up game)

Top scorers for Lewiston were Jordyn Rubin with 24 points and Maddie Foster with 12 points. ForRumford, Saydie Garbarini had 10 points and Rylee Sevigny had eight points.

Oxford Hills 5th 40 AYS 13 (make up game)

Top scorers for Oxford Hills 5th were Libby Fleming with 14 points and Tiana James with 14 points. For AYS, Jaycee Cole had nine points and Mackenzie Osgood had two points.

Farmington 6th 53 Dixfield 4 (make up game)


Top scorers for Farmington 6th were Maddy Smith with 12 points and Kaitlyn Blodgett with eight points. For Dixfield, Katie Morse had four points.

Turner 48 Dixfield 7

Top scorers for Turner were Jayden Carpenter with 15 points and McKenna Redstone and Shelby Varney with six points each. For Dixfield, Alyssa McTyre had three points and Katie Morse had two points.

Lewiston 54 Oxford Hills 5th 13

Top scorers for Lewiston were Maddie Foster with 21 points and Jordan Rubin with 14 points. For Oxford Hills 5th, Abby Fleming and Libby Fleming each had four points.

Farmington 6th 42 AYS 6


Top scorers for Farmington 6th were Kaitlyn Blodgett with 10 points and Lexi Middlestadt with seven points. For AYS, Ainsley Kachnovich and Mackenzie Osgood each had two points.

Oxford Hills 6th 38 Oak Hill 30

Top scorers for Oxford Hills 6th were Julia Colby with nine points and Emma McFarland with seven points. For Oak Hill, Desirae Dumais had 20 points and Julia Noel had five points.

Rumford 34 Farmington 5th 22

Top scorers for Rumford were Saydie Garbarini with 12 points and Rylee Sevigny and Michaela Beauchesne with eight points each. For Farmington 5th, Rylee Keaton had 13 points and Kaylee Knight had five points.

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