I would like to relate to the Sun Journal article of Jan. 7, “Meditation may reduce anxiety and depression.”

I would state that faith in God and Jesus Christ can also reduce anxiety and depression. I would state regular participation in church services can reduce anxiety and depression.

I am not an exemplary Christian. I have, however, had experience with prayer and church attendance for many years. While not a perfect Christian, I take my faith in God very seriously.

I have found that I failed to gain relief from my health problems or anxiety and depression when involved in prayer and regular church services if my faith was weak. When my faith was strong, however, I was relieved — “cured” — of some of my problems.

I conclude from my personal experience through the years that strong faith in God and Jesus Christ, and regular participation in church services, will positively affect a person’s health, including anxiety and depression.

I have read many recent news articles and announcements for various types of meditation relating to health, but none relating that religion, faith in God, can positively affect health.

One must understand the most disturbing existential problem of human beings is the threat of illness and death. Religion, faith in God and Jesus Christ, deals with that problem at its very core.

Last, I do not, nor does my church, encourage a person to avoid seeking medical care from a physician.

Tom Fallon, Rumford

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