This is in response to Sen. Margeret Craven’s statement in the Sun Journal story Jan. 9 concerning the DHHS report. Sen. Craven accused Gov. Paul LePage of telling so many lies “you can’t even trust him when he says anything, anyways.”

Generalization about a person’s character can easily be tossed out for all to read. If Craven has something to definitively pinpoint concerning the many lies that LePage has said she should have brought that to the attention of the public before now.

Craven apparently is using the obvious fallacy (also known as the band wagon fallacy) in a lame attempt to appeal to the masses. That is an insult to the governor and to her constituents’ intelligence.

As a Lewiston resident, I need Craven to clearly state what those lies are, or I demand that she apologize to the governor.

In my opinion, LePage is a breath of fresh air from past administrations who seemed to care less about how much in taxes the people are burdened with.

I am tired of the posturing by elected representatives. If the shoe were on the other foot and LePage made such a broad statement about Margaret Craven, he would be on the hot seat.

Randi Tolman, Lewiston

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