DEAR SUN SPOTS: Could you please explain to readers the rules of a four-way stop sign? Thanks. — Jason, Lewiston

ANSWER: At Sun Spots found this simple instruction: “At a four-way stop sign, the vehicle reaching the intersection first should proceed first. But all vehicles must first come to a complete stop.”

The Maine statutes state that: “Having yielded, an operator may proceed. All other operators approaching the intersection shall yield the right of way to the vehicle so proceeding.”

Sun Spots takes this to mean that drivers should proceed in order of arrival. She did not find anything further at, including in the driving handbook, online at

Sun Spots could not find a definitive answer as to who goes first for all scenarios, such as vehicles arriving at the same time. Common sense and courtesy (sadly lacking in many drivers, unfortunately) should rule. For example, cars turning left should yield to those going straight or turning right because it is more efficient.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Each time I see an attractive ad for Market Basket in the Sun Journal, I hunt for its location, including town, or even telephone number. Today I got smart and looked in the phonebook and found they are located in Harrison. Along with their appealing ads, I would suggest they list their location and phone number. Bet it would help business! — No Name, South Paris

ANSWER: Sun Spots has passed your comment along to advertising, so the rep can mention it to the company (many companies submit their ads ready to print).

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I know you have had this in Sun Spots before, but I hope you can find room to put it in again. I would like to have the names of hairdressers that will come to your home to do hair. Please excuse my writing. — No Name, Auburn

ANSWER: Your writing is just fine, and Sun Spots does not mind repeating information. It often changes. Plus, new suppliers of a service then have a chance to write in and update the list.

* Hair at Home, Lynn Eberhard, 782-1271, 754-9805 (cellphone)

* Renee Bosse, 577-7507

* Linda Therrien, Rolling By, 312-5239

* Karen Kenney, Auburn, 899-5070

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Would your Rolodex contain a listing of electricians interested in repairing small items — in our case, a table lamp? Thanks for any help you can provide from your apparent large catalog of information. — Pauline in Lewiston via e-mail

ANSWER: Sun Spots has a few options. Cliff who does appliance repair (376-5604) said he is not doing much right now, but said he could take on your lamp.

Another handyman is Dean Hinkley, Wales, 375-6163.

Dale Honaberger at the Lamp & Shade Shop (209 Main St., Bridgton, 647-5576, [email protected]) could probably also help you out.

Finally, if you want to tackle the job yourself, hardware stores sell replacement parts. The electronics of most lamps are quite simple: a socket, a wire and a plug. The biggest problem is usually getting to those elements.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for an old lead window weight. They were used in older homes to keep windows open. The heavy, solid lead cylinder would be about a foot long and 1½ inches in diameter. I will use it on a chain to help keep my chimney clean. Thank you. — Larry, 562-7604

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