The MaineCare debate is currently going on in Augusta and the ultimate decision on whether or not it will be implemented will be made by people who are not in danger of choosing between food, heat and medical care.

There should be no debate.

When I worked with people who are living with HIV, the Department of Health and Human Services, under Gov. Paul LePage, recognized that primary physician care is cheaper than alternatives such as emergency rooms. In fact,  case workers were asked to work with clients to reduce any emergency room visits.

Why not work to ensure that all Mainers have access to primary care?

My best theory about what is happening is that we have found ourselves with a sort of Charles Dickens’ “anti-poor people” attitude. Do people cheat the system? Of course, but that has more to do with a person’s personality than his/her socio- economic status.

We are a culture that can so easily see ourselves winning a lottery or being the next winner on a reality television show, we fail to see that, statistically speaking, we are economically closer to our neighbors who are struggling.

Any neighbors struggling with medical issues are having to make decisions on whether to eat, be warm or buy medication.

Let’s work together to solve the problem, not debate about who is worthy.

Sara Bartlett, Auburn

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