By: Amanda Johnson

OTISFIELD— Selectman Rick Micklon confirmed that he has recently spoken to engineer Ross Cudlitz about the current condition of Cobb Hill Road. He informed the rest of the selectboard about an update at their recent meeting.

For the past month, Cudlitz has been working with the town of Otisfield to fix the water erosion problem on one of the roads in town, Cobb Hill Road. After receiving news from Otisfield Conservation Committee members as well as town residents about the current state of the road, the board agreed to move forward with the project and hire Cudlitz, an engineer who has successfully worked with Otisfield before, to inspect the damage done to Cobb Hill Road and then to later come back to the board with a list of things that need to be done to fix it.

Committee members, including Jeff Stern from the Otisfield Conservation Committee who originally came to the board with the road issue, was invited to participate in the project, as well as Richard Bean from the road department.

Micklon has received a draft of an appraisal of Cobb Hill Road and spoke “at length” with Cudlitz on Wednesday, Jan. 15 about the document.

He told the board that he has not replied to Cudlitz’s appraisal because it was not reviewed with the rest of the Selectboard, but he assured Cudlitz that he would respond after the board’s Jan. 15 meeting.

Cudlitz requested that the board clarify spellings of names of individuals involved in the project that are listed in the assessment.

“We should have something by our next meeting,” Micklon told the board.

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