RANGELEY – Students at Rangeley Lakes Regional School recently submitted entries for consideration to the Scholastic Art and Writing competition. Students in the art division, grades 8-12, submitted a variety of 35 pieces of art and three seniors submitted portfolios. Two freshmen, 10 sophomores, four juniors and one senior submitted written pieces, ranging from personal essays, "Taylor and Ashley" drawing submission by AP student Taylor Estypoetry, short stories, and flash fiction.

Regional results are generated and students hear by the beginning of February if they are being recognized as Gold Key, Silver Key, or Bronze Key winners. There is also a category for honorable mention. Gold Key winners move on to Nationals and they are notified in April if they are to receive an award at New York City’s Carnegie Hall.

This opportunity allows the students to participate with their peers on a broader range. Instruction that extends beyond the classroom encourages real-world application and cultivates positive habits of creativity. Ms. Emami and Ms. Johnson have produced many award winners over their many years of participation, seeing Carnegie Hall a couple of times as well as the Lincoln Center. This is Mr. Straub’s second year submitting student writing and he is positively heartened by last year’s excellent showing.

The following is one of the poetry submissions:

“Never Alone”  by Owen Sinclair

Life as we know it

Is not to be mourned but immortalized —

Though we might feel as such that

Being alone is the best — it’s not —

We’re never truly alone —

For there is always someone beside us —

Waiting until we fall down-waiting until we break down —

Waiting — just waiting —

Like a stream that moves a boulder —

Like a bird taking flight —

Just as fast as it happened, it can soon be gone —

Then — once we break down and crash – the seasons will change —

The robins will chirp —

The moon will waltz with the stars — the sun will tango with the earth —

Even  though we are but humble traces of stardust in the universe — we — are not alone


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