It was recently revealed by the Marijuana Policy Project that it will target Lewiston and two other Maine towns this year.

MPP is a special-interest group from Washington, D.C., that provided the muscle behind the legalization ordinance in Portland. In its push to legalize marijuana in Portland, MPP engaged in a messaging campaign that provided misleading and mixed messages to voters and the youth of Maine, including an irresponsible bus ad campaign that essentially was promoting marijuana use and implying it was a harmless and benign drug.

Make no mistake, MPP will bring those messages to Lewiston.

The science on marijuana is clear. The THC potency of the drug has more than doubled since the 60s and 70s. Science has established the link between marijuana use and decreases in IQ. Science has established that marijuana smoke contains more carcinogens, tar and carbon monoxide than cigarettes. Science has established that marijuana doubles the risk of a car crash. Science has established links with mental health issues.

The reality is that MPP knows marijuana is harmful, so it engages in distraction and red herrings.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana was launched this past November to set the record straight and keep MPP honest. We are a volunteer group of Mainers concerned about our communities and youth.


We know that legalizing marijuana would unleash a marketing machine that would actively seek to hook young people, much like the alcohol and tobacco industries did.

We will stand by Lewiston.

Scott M. Gagnon, Auburn

Coordinator, Smart Approaches to Marijuana

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