Super Bowl XLVIII will be held on Feb. 2 at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The game, played in the frigid Northeast, will make history.

The Super Bowl has always been held in a warm climate or roofed stadium. This year, the playing conditions will be cold and perhaps it will snow. That may not be a major concern for the players on either team as they have played other games in cold climates and will have heaters on the sidelines. Plus, with the money they get paid, who cares?

I am more concerned about the fans. The fans should dress like Eskimos and bring battery-heated cushions.

Closer to home, my wife and I will enjoy watching the game on television in the comfort of a warm house while splurging on favorite foods and beverages, and without having to wear mittens, earmuffs, fur hats, fur coats or getting stuck in traffic after the game.

We pick Denver to win by six points but we do reserve the right to change our minds if the Seattle team is ahead by 14 with 10 seconds remaining in the game.

We’ll also be on the lookout for those brave fans who are unafraid of the cold or the snow, cheering for their favorite team while not wearing shirts and depending on coffee supreme to keep warm.

Robert Lacombe, Sabattus

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