Gov. Paul LePage opposes expansion of Medicaid.

Gov. LePage opposes the Affordable Care Act.

Gov. LePage opposes services that help the most destitute and handicapped citizens of this state.

Gov. LePage has hired the most inadequate and unqualified Department of Health and Human Services commissioner in recent memory. Her qualifications appear to be that she was a lobbyist.

Gov. LePage has contracted, for nearly $1 million in taxpayer money, a study to “prove” that welfare programs should be drastically cut. The firm doing the study is a conservative organization with a record for cutting human service programs.

Questions remain as to why he did not release the report to the public and the Legislature in a timely fashion.

The governor routinely speaks with vulgar, profane and disrespectful language that shames us as citizens and makes us want to cover the ears of our young children when he speaks.

Ronald Melendy, Auburn

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