This is in response to the letter to the editor, “Inappropriate for girls,” written by Heidi Weber and published on Feb. 14.

I read the letter with my civic action English class at Lisbon High School, and most students in the room were offended by the content.

One statement, in particular, really stuck with me. Weber suggested that a little girl shouldn’t be taught how to shoot a gun; instead, she should learn how to use a needle to sew a quilt or blanket.

We, as women, have come so far in history. We have had to fight for all of our rights, so for her to say women should go back and become domestic housewives is just ridiculous. Weber implies that men should treat women as their lesser counterparts.

And as for women holding guns, 15.7 percent of all active duty Army soldiers are women, and they use much bigger guns than the paintball gun in that picture.

DaKoTa Hern, Lisbon Falls

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