JAY – Jay Elementary School fourth graders have their own unique way of learning about famous Maine people – by participating in a wax museum.

They showed their families what they had learned by portraying well known Mainers in an activity Feb. 26. The students picked a Maine person at random, researched them, and made a keynote presentation.

However, what made the learning “come to life” for the fourth graders was the method in which they showcased it. In each of the three classes, after teachers Nancy Anctil, Donna Labbe, and Tammy Deering gave an introduction of the project, the students stood at their desks with their heads down. When someone pushed a homemade buzzer or rang a bell, the students lifted their heads and gave background information on what made their character famous.

Not only did the students dress like the person they researched, they introduced themselves as that person. Labbe said that the project “incorporates writing, reading, and public speaking. They learn about Maine history, too.”

She praised them for their work in an introduction to parents.

“The kids have done an incredible job portraying famous Mainers. We incorporated a lot into this fun learning program.”


Anctil was also delighted with the students’ enthusiasm, and pointed out that they learned “how to manage a computer to get to the information and read it as their level.” Deering said that she was impressed with how they fully invested themselves with their research of the famous Maine people in the time that they had to work on the project.

During their research, the kids wrote down the information about their Mainer on index cards and used it to help them tell the story behind each famous person’s accomplishments. They filled out a graphic organizer and composed their keynote presentation in the computer lab.

Each student did a title page and put their information together from the point of view of the person they researched. They listed their sources, and composed a three-paragraph research paper.

In addition to their classroom teachers, the students had help from their art and technology instructors with the project.

The list of who each student portrayed is as follows:

Mrs. Labbe’s class


Zayne Ashlee – Leon Leonwood Bean

Caleb Bickford – Stephen King

Owen Bryant – Bill Swift

Ashlyn Condon – Rachel Carson

Paris Howes – Milton Bradley

Alyssa Hustus – Dorothea Dix


Breanne Jacques – Seth Wescott

Camden Phillips – Mike Bordick

Ella Plourde – Joan Benoit Samuelson

Annaliese Redman – Andrew Wyeth

Jazmyn Tardif – Margaret Chase Smith

Ryder Welch – Joshua Chamberlain


Benjamin Wright – Samantha Smith

Mrs. Deering’s class

Abigail Adams – Cindy Blodgett

Zachariah Broadway – Winslow Homer

Brittany Brown – Ricky Craven

Kimberly Fleury – Milton Bradley


William Fowler – E.B. White

Haley Jackson – Dorothea Dix

Jasmine Marks – Samantha Smith

Brady Nichols – Patrick Dempsey

Isaac Parker – LL Bean

Collin Pearson – Chester Greenwood


Jayden Perrault – Seth Wescott

Caleb Robbins – Stephen King

Haley Southers – Anna Kendrick

Leeah Volterman – Joshua Chamberlain

Mrs. Anctil’s class

Jayden Achorn – Samantha Smith


Alyssa Beaulieu – Seth Wescott

Craig Brown – Stephen King

Bayleigh Buote – Joanne McCallie

Reese Couture – Ricky Craven

Quinlin Fournier – Robert Peary

Leah Gilbert – Rachel Carson


Kaila Godbey – Leon Leonwood Bean

Courtney Hogan – Chester Greenwood

Calley McCourt – Anna Kendrick

Garrett McDonald – Hiram Maxim

Joshwa Michaud – Stephen King

Braun Porter – Bill Swift


Morgan Timberlake – George W. Bush

Keegan Turner – Milton Bradley

Fourth graders at Jay Elementary School held a “wax museum” last week, where they portrayed famous Maine people. Here, Morgan Timberlake gives a presentation about her Mainer, George W. Bush, as Aurelie Merrill listens.

Quinlin Fournier plays the role of Robert Peary, complete with a heavy fur-lined coat.

From left to right are Jay Elementary School fourth graders Brady Nichols (portraying Patrick Dempsey), Isaac Parker (portraying L.L. Bean) and Jayden Perrault (portraying Seth Wescott).

Kimberly Fleury (left) tells about what made her character, Milton Bradley, famous as classmate Haley Jackson (portraying Dorothea Dix) looks on.

Families enjoyed visiting with the Jay Elementary School fourth graders and learning about the famous Mainers they portrayed during the wax museum.

Photos: Barry Matulaitis/Livermore Falls Advertiser

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