DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you for being here for us. I hope you can find the second season of “The 4400” on DVD for me.

I have seasons one, three and four, but I lost my second season somewhere.

I would be very happy if maybe someone can find one. Thank you. — Anita S., Lewiston

ANSWER: According to an online search, the complete second season is available at Bull Moose Music, which has a Lewiston store (Lewiston Mall, 20 East Ave., 784-6463). The price is listed as $16.97 new or $5.97 used.

It is also at, and the price is a little lower, but you will have to pay shipping, course.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I would like to get a copy of the religious song, “Oh, Lord, Most Holy.” Do you have a place I might get it? Hopefully, it’s still in print.

Thank you. — Henry Sakrison, Otisfield

ANSWER: Sun Spots couldn’t tell from your question whether you wanted the lyrics, sheet music or a recording, or perhaps all three.

The lyrics are the easiest. Because the song is so old (composed by Cesar Franck, published in 1908), Sun Spots doesn’t have to worry about the copyright police.

O Lord most holy, O Lord most mighty,

O loving Father, Thee would we be praising always.

Help us to know Thee,

Know Thee and love Thee;

Father, Father, grant us thy truth and grace;

Father, Father, guide and defend us.

Rule thou our wilful hearts,

Keep thine our wand’ring thoughts;

In all our sorrows, let us find our rest in thee;

And in temptation’s hour,

Save through thy mighty power,

Thine aid, O send us;

Hear us in mercy.

Show us thy favour,

So shall we live and sing praise to thee.

The sheet music is widely available online, including for free. You can go to the public library and get help downloading them. Sun Spots would have given you a link to a specific website, but she didn’t know if you wanted the music for one voice or two, organ or piano, what key, etc.

As for recordings, those, too, are widely available online. Several singers have posted the song on YouTube, and it can surely be purchased online.

But Sun Spots is pretty sure you would prefer a “real” store, so she suggests that you also call Bull Moose (Lewiston Mall, 20 East Ave., 784-6463). Even if they don’t have a recording in the store, they can track it down online for you.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thanks for printing my request for a Weight Watchers point-value book. Once again it was successful, and I got a couple of calls, one being from a bookstore in Auburn, Artios Books (786-4007), that would like to be listed in your Rolodex.

Also the number you gave me for was not a working number. Their new one is 866-216-1072.

Thanks for all your help. — Peg, Mexico

ANSWER: Thank you for the updates. Artios is in her Rolodex of used bookstores, which she publishes periodically.

As for Amazon, Sun Spots called the corrected number to find out if used as well as new items could be purchased by phone and was told customers must purchase online, which is contrary to what she was previously told.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a large collection of Joel Osteen audios and DVDs and would be happy to share them with your readers. I do not want to give them all to one person. I would like to give four to six per person. Call me at 784-6538 (my office) to pick them up. — Irene Thibault, Lisbon

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