There is a frightening similarity between the individuals portrayed in the columns of Leonid Bershidsky and Douglas Rooks in the Sunday, March 9, edition of the Sun Journal. Vladimir Putin is seen as a man out of touch with reality — someone who believes his own propaganda. Paul LePage is also seen as a man out of touch with reality. To quote Mr. Rooks, “Surrealism seems to reign in governor’s version of reality.”

While Putin terrorizes the people of the Ukraine and Crimea, LePage terrorizes the people of Maine.

LePage seems to think he is the czar of Maine, not an elected official. Many Maine people have cringed at the public statements made by the governor; looked on in disbelief when the governor refused to expand MaineCare (Medicaid) to 70,000 of Maine’s most needy citizens; and refused to sign the warrants for bonds passed by the Legislature and ratified by Maine’s people.

The list goes on and on.

It is time for Gov. LePage to stop going against the will of the people of Maine; time for him to listen to all Maine citizens, not just the ones who agree with him; time to move Maine forward.

That cannot happen until the governor stops believing his own propaganda.

Donna Cheshire, Paris

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