I think it is time for legislation to improve snowmobile safety. I would like to see a bill that would require all new snowmobiles to be equipped with two mirrors and some sort of signal light.

There are way too many drivers out there who don’t have a clue what is happening behind them, and they should, especially when riding in a group. I know my suggestion won’t solve all problems; I found that out first-hand the other day in the Rangeley area. I was leading three sleds at about 35 miles per hour and I checked my mirrors frequently. All at once, a rider went by me at easily twice my speed and scared the daylights out of me. A quick glance told me another snowmobile was coming just as fast. Thankfully, I didn’t react by swerving to the left as the other guy went flying by, or to the right — off the trail.

Also, snowmobilers are directly responsible for persons behind them; if they are not visible in the mirrors, the one ahead should stop and check for anyone behind.

As for a signal light, I suggest this because most drivers give hand signals. That requires one hand coming off the handle grips — usually the left one (the brake side) — and too often the rider needs to brake when he is signaling. A signal light could let oncoming riders know that there are more riders coming or if it is all clear.

Jerry Major, Oxford

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