DEAR SUN SPOTS: The novel “Loch” by Paul Zindel is a book that I have used for the past few years with my sixth-grade classes. My copies of the book are getting very worn. Alas, the book is no longer in print.

I would love to have several extra copies of this book. If you can help, please email me. Many thanks. — Christine Swain, [email protected]

ANSWER: Along with any donations, you might try used bookstores. Paperbacks are often available for less than a dollar, and you might get a multiple-copy deal. Sun Spots has a handful of used bookstores in her Rolodex. Some sell both new and used. Please let Sun Spots know if any have closed or changed recently.

* Apple Valley Books, 121 Main St., Winthrop, ME 04364, 377-3967, (used books not inventoried, but arranged according to genre and alphabetized).

* Artios used books, 180 Turner St., Auburn, 786-4007.

* Bridgton Books, 140 Main St., Bridgton, ME 04009, 647-2122, (mostly new but have some used and a bargain section).

* Maine Book House, 1545 Main St. (Route 26), Oxford, ME 04270, 743-9300 (includes collectibles).

* Twice Sold Tales, 155 Main St., Farmington, ME 04938, 778-4411.

There are also many used copies online, some as cheap as a penny, but shipping costs would add considerably to the cost.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: A few weeks ago my husband and I were in Auburn for a doctor’s appointment and to do some errands. Around noon we were both tired and hungry and decided to get something to eat at the Pizza Hut on Center Street.

We had noticed a young couple in the booth behind us but didn’t pay too much attention to them. After they left, we asked for our check only to find out that they had paid for our lunch!

To say the least, we were surprised and a little stunned. What a nice gesture and a real pick-me-up for us. I hope they read this so they will know how much we appreciate their  kindness. It will certainly be paid forward to someone else. In a world of such turmoil, there still are many people who show kindness to others. — Sharon, Turner

ANSWER: Sun Spots has received several letters about anonymous benefactors buying people lunch or dinner. Since only a small percentage of those who receive such a treat are likely to write to Sun Spots about their experiences, there must be a great many people paying it forward. The region may even become a hotbed of “guerrilla kindness,” a very nice reputation to have.

For those who don’t know, the term comes from a book published in 1993, “Guerrilla Kindness: A Manual of Good Works, Kind Acts and Thoughtful Deeds” by Gavin Whitsett.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I want to tell Kelly LaBrecque of WCSH Channel 6 that she does a great job with the weather. She always smiles and seems very happy. She is just beautiful. — Alene, Jay

ANSWER: Sun Spots suspects that smiling is a job requirement, but your comments are noted. Over the years Sun Spots has had many inquiries about various local news celebrities. You would probably enjoy reading an interview with Kelly on the Maine PR Maven website (

Kelly talks about her Maine childhood, being a local celebrity, her family and her struggle to lose weight. According to the site (from February 2013), she is married, with one son, and lives in Portland.

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